Москва, 10 декабря 2016
Гостиница «Radisson Славянская»,
площадь Европы, 2.

Stupid Metrics Tricks and How to Avoid Them

If you have been in software engineering for a while — or in fact just in the working world in general for a while — you’ve probably seen someone do something stupid with metrics. Such mistakes raise a whole bunch of interesting questions. What are the most common metrics mistakes? Why are they mistakes? Why do people make these mistakes? Are you making these mistakes? Why use metrics at all, when there are so many mistakes? In this talk, Rex will give real-world examples of these mistakes, explain the management and economic theories behind metrics, and help you find ways to implement metrics that aren’t stupid.

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Rex Black
Rex Black


With over 30 years of software and systems engineering experience, Rex Black is President of RBCS (, a testing leader, providing consulting, training, and expert services. RBCS has over 100 clients on six continents, spanning all areas of software and system development, from embedded systems to gaming software to banking and insurance to defense systems. Rex is the most prolific author practicing in the field of software testing today, having written 13 books (and counting). He is past President of the ISTQB and of the ASTQB, a co-author of many of the ISTQB syllabi, and Chair of the Agile Working Group.

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