Москва, 10 декабря 2016
Гостиница «Radisson Славянская»,
площадь Европы, 2.

Combining manual and automated testing: process and tools

Manual testing and automated testing are often different roles done by different testers. But to be successful in a project the manual testers and the automation testers will have to work together and align their way of working. In this talk I will explain how manual testers and automation testers can work together.

This talk starts with explaining the difference between a manual tester and an automation tester. In general manual testers are more business driven and analytical, they use test design techniques and coverage techniques. automation testers are more technical and tool-minded and use tools like Selenium, Tosca and SOAP UI. Jan will explain how manual testers can adjust their way of working to make sure they deliver the right input for automated testing. And he will also explain how automation testers can do to make the connection to manual testers better. In general, testers get better when they master both manual and automated testing. Based on this, Jan will tell about the benefits of changing jobs between manual and automation testers.

The session will be ended with explaining specific issues with combining manual and automated testing when you use some specific tools or suites; probably HP, Tosca, Selenium, Cucumber and Fitnesse.

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Jan Jaap Cannegieter
Jan Jaap Cannegieter


Jan Jaap has over 20 years of experience in ICT-project. He was, is and will always be a hardcore tester, but besides testing he also developed other areas of expertise and skills. Examples of other areas of expertise are Requirements, Scrum, CMMi, Process Improvement, digitalization, and tooling. Examples of developed skills are management, coaching, leading workshops and teaching. With this combination of knowledge and skills, Jan Jaap is able to build bridges between different (groups of) people in projects or organizations and help other develop their own knowledge and skills.

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