Heisenbug Conference
Moscow, December 10, 2016
Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel, Square of Europe, 2

Testing with input data analysis: testing API with dynamically generated data

About debatable testing with using minimal amount of stable data and mostly dependent on dynamically gathered / generated data, which was received from input data by analysis.

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Ivan Surovtsev
Ivan Surovtsev


I started career of a tester around 6 years ago and around that time I started test automation. Prior to that I had experience as a developer and system administrator. I had experience with automation of UI and API. At some point I developed API clients for closed internal protocols. Since the beginning of my career, for load testing I’ve used such common tools as JMeter and Yandex Tank along with more specialized ones, such as Xena and Ixia, and even those that are uncommon for testing, like tcpreplay. As for UI testing, I had experience with Java language and framework pairs such as JUnit + Swing, JUnit + fest, TestNG / JUnit + selenium-java. For API testing I used C++ + gtest, robotframework + curl, Java + TestNG + different http libraries. In my most recent experience I’ve been using Java + TestNG, because this pair can be used efficiently for both UI and API testing.

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