Heisenbug Conference
Moscow, December 10, 2016
Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel, Square of Europe, 2

Simply about not simple in DBMS testing on the example of PostgreSQL

Why is testing databases is not so easy.

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Sergey Bronnikov
Sergey Bronnikov

Postgres Professional

Sergey works in testing from 2009. He began his career in the testing department of the Parallels company, where he was responsible for the quality of the emulation of physical devices in Parallels Desktop for Mac (network cards, USB controller, parallel and serial ports). Sergey organized a team for the automatic and manual testing called Virtuozzo and released along with the team the first three versions of the product. Currently, Sergey is testing a commercial database based on PostgreSQL with PostgresPro.

Author of articles in magazines "Hacker" and Linux Format, resources and OpenNet LWN.net. Organizer of container virtualization sections on Linux at FOSDEM, Linux Plumbers conferences. Leads blog. Founder of collective twitter for testers.

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