Heisenbug Conference
Moscow, December 10, 2016
Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel, Square of Europe, 2

Randomized testing

Everyone is used to see in tests user John with the last name Doe. However, our applications are used by D'Artagnan, and 李小龙 (Bruce Lee), and many others. In this talk, Stanislav will discuss how randomization helps to consider a variety of options and combinations of data, while reducing the amount of code. Listeners will see examples of generating on the fly not only the test data, but also the behavior.

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Stanislav Bashkyrtsev
Stanislav Bashkyrtsev


Stanislav has been developing since 2008, mainly in Java. He loves testing and code quality. At some point he began to get involved in the optimization of processes, and switched to CI / CD activity in 2013. He was never totally pleased with the AQA, and so in 2015 went to testing to prove that everything is possible to be done much better. Stanislav proved it and went into business intelligence.

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